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Nadia Beutler

Nadia Beutler, Concierge Girl

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: There’s a chance your client will place a toddler with a dubiously clean diaper on the counter top where you’re about to chop your onions. Don’t be surprised if the entire party decides to stand right between the oven and the refrigerator to chat about what you’re doing, which, of course, isn’t much of anything at all since they’re standing right between the oven and the refrigerator.

When you’re a private chef, you are your own boss, but that comes with taxes, business administration, website maintenance, invoicing, scheduling, shopping, heavy lifting, schlepping, unpacking, lots and lots of dishes, and the next day, another round of dishes.

You will find it hard to get wholesale accounts with suppliers because you rarely meet minimums; instead, you’ll be forced to hunt and gather your ingredients for each and every job from local sources, which is often better. When you finally track down that special item something might spill in your car and you will have to set your car on fire to get rid of the stench!