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One of the best things about being a private chef is that you get to watch your clients and guests really relaxing. Really, um, letting go….would be the right term.

This can also be one of the worst things.

Seeing your client in nearly nothing walking around their holiday villa, one has to pretend that one doesn’t care, act professional and carry on with breakfast….awkward

At a dinner being told you are the BBBEEESSSTTTT, we LOOOOOVVVE you.  Awkward after a few drinks but one takes the compliment gracefully, not telling my clients how badly I needed a drink of my own just to tolerate their boozy behaviour.  In the beginning of my career I never accepted drinks from my clients.  After all I was a professional, I had a job to do.  Staying sober keeps you perfectly focused and professional, but it doesn’t put your dinner guests at ease, so mostly just one glass of wine will do while busy preparing & cooking.

Sometimes being hospitable means joining the fun just a little bit.